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Filter Sales

for Cars, 4WD, Trucks, Earthmoving & Agricultural Equipment

Filter sales for cars, 4WD, trucks, earthmoving & agricultural equipment

Earthmoving Equipment

Field Service Repair & Maintenance Specialists

Earthmoving equipment field service repair & maintenance specialists

Trade Priced 'Sakura Filters' Supplier to Repairers, Fleet Managers & The Public /filters.htm

 'DADDS Filters Sales', 'That Filters Guy' & 'Dirt And Dust Diesel Solutions' are Trading Names of

'Martec Enterprises Pty Ltd'

A family owned small business based in Upper Caboolture Queensland

"As a Heavy Diesel Mechanic / Fitter, trying to do the best I could to service my customers machines at the most cost effective price possible, I researched aftermarket filter brands, pricing & quality via multiple suppliers over many months, coming to the conclusion that I was not getting 'Value for Money'. Having used SAKURA FILTRATION PRODUCTS for over 10 years already at that stage (2012) it was a "no brainer" to approach 'Sakura Filters Australia' about becoming a reseller."  

A Question for you to consider

Do you really think Vehicle & Machinery Manufacturers make their own Filters? 

No, so why pay in many cases 700% more than your filter's should cost 

 'Sakura Filtration Products' are a 'Trade Secret' and sold under a variety of brand names by many Vehicle, Truck and Machinery Manufacturers as their Genuine Filters as well as for many well known other filter brands. 

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