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for Cars, 4WD, Trucks, Earthmoving & Agricultural Equipment

Filter sales for cars, 4WD, trucks, earthmoving & agricultural equipment

Earthmoving Equipment

Field Service Repair & Maintenance Specialists

Earthmoving equipment field service repair & maintenance specialists

Earthmoving Equipment Repairs, Service & Maintenance for South-East Queensland 

Trade Priced 'Sakura Filters' Supplier to Repairers, Fleet Managers & The Public /filters.htm

Dirt & Dust Diesel Solutions Pty Ltd ( DADDS ) is a S/E Queensland based Mobile Earth-moving Repair Business, specialising in Field Service Repairs & Maintenance as well as Preventative Maintenance. 

   OK now the hard truth about owning Machinery, 10% to 15% of your Earnings are going to be spent on keeping a machine working, so why waste your hard earned money on so called 'Genuine Filters'. 

Do you really think Vehicle & Machinery Manufacturers make there own Filters?    If so I have these 3 Magic Beans I'll sell you for $1000 each !

Dealers will tell you that you need to use 'there' Service Department and there Genuine Service Parts to maintain (their profits) your 'New Machine Warranty', this is according to the A.C.C.C is in fact  INCORRECT.

This is part of the reason why D.A.D.D.S not only Uses 'Sakura Filtration Products' every day but also supply's other Repair Organisations and Fleet Owners with the high-quality 'Sakura Filtration Products' made for the 'ADR Group' under a variate of brand names and sold by many vehicle, truck and machinery Manufacturers as there Genuine Filters. 

For more information regarding our range of Sakura Filters, just 'click' the Filters Tab or the Picture at the top of the screen 

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